08. Apr. 2020 By Alan Knott-Craig (SA Author)

South Africa might just get lucky - this might not all come to pass but at least there’s hope.

In February, our country was in bad shape.

Our stock market was over-heated.
We were heading for a recession.
We were heading for a downgrade.
And then Covid19 happened.
Our stock market collapsed.
We’re now in a recession.
We’ve now been downgraded.
Before Covid19, Cyril Ramaphosa was bogged down in ANC political in-fighting, and Eskom was load-shedding every week.
Cyril now has no political opposition, everyone is too busy scrambling to fight the pandemic.
Eskom has stopped load-shedding thanks to the national lockdown easing demand from businesses.
Before progressing, let’s acknowledge that it is possible that this is Armageddon.
Health, economic and political Armageddon. The end.
Millions could die. Millions could lose jobs. Political upheaval could ensue.
Ok, got that.
But it’s also possible that Covid19 is the best thing to happen to SA since the 2010 Soccer World Cup. South Africa sailed through the Global Financial Crisis thanks to the state-sponsored infrastructure projects for the 2010 World Cup.
We were lucky.
By some bizarre irony, our country’s ongoing battle against TB may just be lucky too.
It may just turn out that most South Africans are safe because it’s mandatory to have a Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccination when they are born to prevent life-threatening TB later on.
`We found that countries without universal policies of BCG vaccination, such as Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States, have been more severely affected compared to countries with universal and long-standing BCG policies,` noted the researchers led by Gonzalo Otazu, assistant professor of biomedical sciences at NYIT.
Sounds pretty hopeful. And the early evidence confirms it.
Let’s compare Spain to Portugal.
Portugal forces BCG vaccinations at birth, Spain doesn’t.
As of 5 April 2020:
· Portugal: 10,524 cases, 266 deceased. 0,1% infection rate. 2,5% death rate.
· Spain: 126,128 cases, 34,219 deceased. 0,27% infection rate. 27% death rate.
Spaniards are almost 3x more likely to get Covid19, and 10x more likely to die.
India, like Portugal, administers the BCG vaccine to millions of children soon after birth to combat TB (tuberculosis). And like Portugal, Indian has seen a much lower infection rate, especially when you consider the higher risk of infection due to cramped living conditions and poverty.
And yet the USA, where there are no mandatory BCG vaccinations, has the highest number of infections, in spite of the USA’s being is 4x smaller, 28x richer and 13x less populated than India’s.
Thanks to South Africa’s mandatory BCG vaccination policy, we may just be less affected than many countries in the world.
We may just be able to end the national lockdown, and re-start the economy.
Ending the lockdown will benefit SA in seven ways:
1. Millions of jobs will be saved. Millions of families will be rescued from economic hardship.
2. Universal BCG vaccination gives our country a comparative advantage over countries that don’t, i.e.: all developed countries, and all developing countries that don’t have the systems and/or economic means to enforce mandatory vaccinations.
3. Cyril Ramaphosa can use the economic crisis as leverage to implement the much-needed structural economic reforms our country needs, without the ANC in-fighting that has previously hamstrung his efforts.
4. People have opened their eyes to the power of online education. No need to have the world’s best math teacher living in Butterworth. No need to print and deliver millions of textbooks. No matter where you live, you can have a world-class education (assuming you have affordable broadband).
5. Less flying and driving. Even the most hide-bound of executives have now been forced to telecommute. Turns out it ain’t so hard. Good for traffic. Good for the climate.
6. It means Eskom’s grid can take a breather whilst essential maintenance is carried out and IPP’s prepare for selling directly to customers, reducing our reliance on Eskom, ultimately creating a stronger and more resilient power grid.
7. It means the Moody and Fitch downgrades are pretty meaningless. Everyone is being downgraded.
Ending the national lockdown will be the best thing that our government can do to save our economy.
If the positive scenario pans out, South Africa will be the equivalent of a golfer hitting a duck hook into the water, ricocheting off a submerged rock, bouncing back to the green, and the ball coming to a rest three feet from the pin.
We may just be pretty damn lucky.
The whole world is in it together, but, by some miracle, SA might be the best place to be in it.
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24. Sep. 2020 ENCA

CPT International Airport given green light to resume travel

International visitors will be allowed back in the country from 1 October. V.5295

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24. Sep. 2020 Reuters

UPDATE 2-South Africa to allow travel from all of Africa from Oct. 1

* Travel to and from within continent allowed * Travel restricted from high infection countries * Govt yet to say which countries on restricted list * Business travel to be allowed under certain conditions (Adds details from govt gazette) JOHANNESBURG, South Africa will allow travel from Oct. 1 to and from all countries in Africa as well as other countries where levels of COVID-19 infections are not too high, a government minister said on Friday. V.5296

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23. Sep. 2020 News24 - 23 September 2020

Former president Kgalema Motlanthe criticises SA`s treatment of undocumented immigrants

Former president Kgalema Motlanthe has bemoaned South Africa`s treatment of undocumented immigrants. Motlanthe said George Bizos had no citizenship and remained stateless for 31 years after the South African government denied him citizenship. V.5288

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23. Sep. 2020 Bizztech

The real problem with government workers in South Africa: Ramaphosa

A streamlined, efficient and well-integrated civil service is the hallmark of a capable state, but South Africa has fallen in a number of areas, says President Cyril Ramaphosa. Writing in his weekly open letter to the public, Ramaphosa said that the government’s key priority is to build a ‘capable state’. “If we are to build a more capable state we have to seriously and urgently address the shortcomings in the organisation and the capacity of the public service,” he said. V.5289

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22. Sep. 2020 SAPeople

Nightmare Facing South Africans Abroad with Passport Renewals

South Africans abroad are facing a passport renewal nightmare. SAPeople editor Jenni Baxter sat down with Adrian Roos MP (DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Home Affairs) and Justin Adams (DA Abroad UK and Europe Chairperson) to discuss the critical situation SA citizens abroad are facing in obtaining their South African passports from Home Affairs and the SA embassies.To assist South Africans abroad the DA, DA Abroad and SAPeople are petitioning the Minister of Home Affairs. Some of the points raised in the discussion include: V.5291

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22. Sep. 2020 Bizz Tech

The new tax and emigration change South Africans should know about

The draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (TLAB), which is open for public comment, will introduce changes for South Africans looking to take their retirement funds abroad. In an analysis of the proposed change, law firm ENSAfrica said that the changes primarily deal with formal emigration with the draft bill suggesting a much stricter process from 1 March 2021 onward. V.5292

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22. Sep. 2020 Times Live

Home Affairs suspends senior official probing allegedly dodgy citizenships

The Public Servants Association of SA has lashed out at the department of home affairs for suspending a senior bureaucrat involved in investigating foreign nationals who allegedly obtained SA citizenship fraudulently. V.5293

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21. Sep. 2020 SA Migration

ConCourt: Children Born in South Africa to Foreign Parents Can Apply For Citizenship

It has taken four years of legal battles ` but now, if you were born in South Africa to foreign parents, you can apply for citizenship. It has been an “agonizing journey” for those who consider South Africa to be their only home. V.5284

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21. Sep. 2020 News 24

Pay up and your criminal record for some offences could be `expunged`, proposes new law

The Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill seeks to expunge certain criminal records that result from an admission of guilt payment. Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola said the Covid-19 pandemic put the brakes on the introduction of the legislation.* V.5285

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21. Sep. 2020 Face2 Face

Do you know rich Nigerians are buying citizenship in Caribbean nations to beat visa rules?

For most Nigerian businessmen, holding a Nigerian passport raises a red flag and would often require extra documentation for validation. Nigeria is placed 95 on the annual Henley Passport Index which ranks the world’s passport according to the countries they can visit without a prior visa. Ranked 95, Nigerian passport holders can visit two fewer countries now than they could in 2010 without a visa. V.5287

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21. Sep. 2020 Ground up

Huge number of refugee documents set to expire soon

Concerns are growing about the number of refugees’ and asylum seekers’ documents expiring at the end of October. The Department of Home Affairs has not said how it intends dealing with the disruption caused by Covid-19, insofar as this paperwork is concerned. The Scalabrini Centre in Cape Town has written to home affairs asking for the department’s plan regarding documents held by refugees that are on the point of expiring. V.5290

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20. Sep. 2020 Brisbane Times

`Absolutely devastated`: Thousands of residents on visas locked out of Australia

Thousands of skilled migrants with valid visas to come to Australia are stranded overseas, needing government permission to travel back and reunite with their families and jobs. Under measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic since March 20, foreign nationals have required a travel exemption to enter Australia even if they already have a visa, though the Department of Home Affairs has refused to disclose the legal basis for this requirement. This includes both short-term visitors and long-term residents on visas. V.5294

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16. Sep. 2020 Times Live

Level one loading: Cyril Ramaphosa set to lift travel ban tonight

While borders and other points of entry will reopen under level one, government has decided to retain the ban on travellers from the US, UK, Spain and Italy �` which are key markets for the revival of the tourism sector V.5272

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16. Sep. 2020 News 24

Ramaphosa to announce limited international travel, Level 1

*Cabinet is expected to decide on Wednesday on the resumption of international travel. * *But there are strings attached. * *The NCCC has recommended strict visa requirements for anyone entering the country. V.5273

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16. Sep. 2020 Business Insider SA

SA’s borders open on 1 October. Here’s what we know about the rules for tourists.

• South Africa`s borders will open for tourists ` inbound and outbound ` on 1 October, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Wednesday night. • But there are caveats, including that some countries may be red-listed based on their coronavirus statistics. • Those arriving need to show a recent negative test for Sars-CoV-2, and should install a government contact-notification app. • Here`s what we know about the rules for international travel into and out of South Africa under Alert Level 1. V.5274

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15. Sep. 2020 News 24

Ramaphosa`s economic recovery plan gets the green light from business, labour

*The National Economic Development and Labour Council has agreed on an action plan for the country`s economic recovery. * *President Cyril Ramaphosa met with the council on Tuesday. * *Details of the plan will be announced once it is finalised by Cabinet. V.5267

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15. Sep. 2020

DA calls on education MEC to intervene so Zim teachers can return to SA

The DA says Zimbabwean teachers locked out of SA due to Covid-19 restriction should be allowed to return to SA. According to the provincial education department, four teachers who were locked out have since been assisted. The department says teachers who are still outside SA`s borders are on unpaid leave. V.5268

Click here for full article
15. Sep. 2020 Business Insider SA

Many more rich South Africans want to leave after Covid-19 ` but not as many as in the US

•Rich people in various countries seem to be reconsidering where they actually want to live after the coronavirus, says consultancy Henley & Partners. •Judging by enquiries about investment migration, that is. •South Africa is among those countries. •But Americans are suddenly way more keen to leave their country than South Africans. V.5269

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15. Sep. 2020 news24

`Gear up for easing of lockdown`: Winde to push for Ramaphosa to lift curfew and overseas travel ban

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde wants the curfew lifted and a date for international travel to resume.Premiers are meant to meet with President Ramaphosa and the NCCC to discuss the lockdown. V.5271

Click here for full article
13. Sep. 2020 SAMI

Scalabrini’s ‘abandonment’ court case challenges constitutionality of South African refugee laws

On 17 June 2020, the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town, represented by Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa Inc, will be heard in the Western Cape High Court regarding certain sections of South Africa’s recently-changed, controversial refugee laws. V.5261

Click here for full article

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24. Sep. 2020 ENCA

CPT International Airport given green light to resume travel

International visitors will be allowed back in the country from 1 October. V.5295

Click here for full article


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