5 Tips to help you get a South African visa application right

Andrew Robinson displays his expired visa at a digs on the 18th of April 2012, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. Robinson applied for a visa in november 2011 and is still waiting for it to arrive. © Jonathan Jones


SA Migration – 15 June 2022

Everyone in business know that time is money. Unfortunately, the South African visa application process is notorious for long waiting times.

The general work visa, for instance, could take up to a year to finalise.

The last thing you want is for delays to slow down the process even more. And you certainly don’t want a rejection and for the waiting to have been in vain!

What you want is to get a visa application right the first time. That’s how you ensure the process is smooth and give yourself a greater chance of success with the application.

Our pointers today will help you do just this:

1. Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the visa for which the foreign employee is applying

In the case of a general work visa, for instance, you are expected to advertise the position for which you are recruiting. There are further guidelines around what should appear in the advertisement and where it should appear. Meeting all the requirements is the only way to ensure that you satisfy the Departments of Home Affairs (DHA).

2. You should already be doing this – comply with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act

The DHA and the Department of Labour (DOL) expects South African employers to treat their foreign national employees the same as South Africans. There shouldn’t be any discrimination in the workplace based on the residency or citizenship status of an individual. It is for this reason that the Departments require you to comply with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

3. Know what paperwork to submit

This is knowing what documents are needed for the application as well as knowing in which instances copies or certified copies are required.

4. Establish a clear plan for the position the foreigner is taking up

Some visas require you to show what the foreigner’s duties will be while working for you. Other visas ask that you prove that the foreigner’s skills and experience are needed, and that you couldn’t find a South African to fill the position advertised. When you have a clear description of the role and/or objectives for the role, you’ll be able to satisfy the demands of the DHA and DOL.

Please note: the critical skills work visa is exempt from this requirement. You don’t have any obligations other than extending a formal job offer and ensuring that you’re employing someone with a valid visa.

5. Cross your i’s and dot your t’s. Literally

Spelling mistakes and typos have been cause for rejection in the past. Also triple check information such as area codes and dates. Simple mistakes such as a starting date on a contract that is dated before the general work visa has been issued can also be cause for rejection.

The best way to prevent delays when making a South Africa visa application?

You work with an immigration company who knows the ins and out of the South African Immigration Act.

Our team is highly experienced in making visa applications for corporate clients. We don’t only know the Immigration Act, we also understand the pressures and time constraints businesses are under.

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