Minister Of Home Affairs Confirm That 36 Thousand Illegal Foreigners Have Been Deported Back Home

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13 Jun, 2022

South Africa is home to millions of citizens, including people who come from other countries and choose to be residents in the country. The majority of these people are from other African countries, looking for greener pastures and better opportunities than their home countries can provide.

And for a person to enter the country or even work in the country, they need to follow a certain process that gives them the legality to be within the country, but unfortunately, there are so many individuals who come from the neighbouring countries in South Africa who would choose to enter illegally and not follow the due process.

Citizens have expressed concern about this because some of these individuals who do not have the necessary documentation begin engaging in illegal activities and become difficult to trace once the law or fishes look for them. Home Affairs has begun conducting thorough investigations to determine which of these foreigners who live within the country obtained documents illegally and which do not have them at all.

Once they have been identified, they are deported back to their home countries. The minister of home affairs has been working on removing illegal foreigners from the country and stated that since the year 2019, 36 thousand illegal foreigners have been apprehended and deported back home. Over 60 thousand foreigners come from the neighbouring countries close to South Africa, mostly coming from Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, and ESwatini.

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