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Home Affairs blocked from deporting ‘critical skills’ Czech executive

Dzmitry Dzenisiuk was deployed to SA in 2014, with his wife joining him under a spousal visa. Both applied for visa extensions in February 2021. Image: Moneyweb
The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has been blocked by the Pretoria High Court from deporting a foreign worker and his wife, both of whom had been refused visa extensions, based on its failure to properly consider the documents supplied in their visa applications.
This is the latest in a string of court losses notched up by Home Affairs.
In the latest ruling, the high court ruled that the decision not to renew the visa of two foreign nationals must be set aside and returned to Home Affairs for reconsideration. Read more…

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French company leading botched home affairs dept ID project lands big biometrics job at SA airports

ACSA has defended the procurement process followed when appointing Idemia to provide biometric technology at a host of South African airports.
Carl Court/Getty Images
• Idemia has been awarded a contract to establish biometric technology in South African airports.
• The company has been at the forefront of a botched project to establish a new ID registration system for the home affairs department.
• Airports Company South Africa defended the procurement process that has been followed. Read more…

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Court hears Interpol in contact with 195 countries to identify mystery passport man

Interpol are in contact with their 195 member countries as they try to help gardaí to identify an elderly man who has been charged with allegedly using passports in the names of two babies born in the 1950’s who died just months after their birth.

Det Garda Padraig Hanley, of the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, told Cork District Court that investigations are still ongoing in multiple jurisdictions as they attempt to identify the man who has been in custody since last month. Read more…

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`Home Affairs’ two on trial

Two senior immigration officers attached to the Department of Home Affairs in Bloemfontein, who were arrested for bribery, have been granted bail of R5 000 each.
They were released after their appearance in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Monday (11/07).
Dolly Goitsemang Sediti (38) and Leballo Maqalika (50) face charges of corruption. The pair was remanded in custody following their arrest by the Hawks’ Serious Corruption Investigation team in Bloemfontein.
The investigation into the case was launched in May.
Capt. Christopher Singo, spokesperson for the Hawks in the Free State, said an investigation into the alleged bribery had been launched after a foreign national blew the whistle.
“Information was received about the senior immigration officer of Home Affairs who demanded R6 000 from a foreign national for the release of his brother, who had been arrested for allegedly not having proper documents,” said Singo.
A sting operation was conducted on 26 May, culminating in the arrest of Maqalika.
“He was arrested after being found in possession of the said amount of cash paid by the victim,” said Singo.
“Further investigation discovered that Sediti was implicated in corrupt activities involving Maqalika.”
Singo said Sediti had handed herself over on 4 July, accompanied by her legal team.
He confirmed that the pair was expected to reappear in court soon.

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Govt shifts 14 top immigration officers for over stay

Govt shifts 14 top immigration officers for over stay
20th March 2016 – THE GUARDIAN
The government yesterday announced transfers of 14 senior immigration
officers in what it described as a move to increase efficiency and
enhance security at border posts.

The officers were shifted from some regions to others after it was
established they had over stayed their routine terms.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Charles Kitwanga, said the step marked
the start of reforms that would involve transfers of more than 200
officers in the Immigration Division nationwide.

Last year, the government posted various key immigration officers
mainly from the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Dar es
Salaam and the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) to other
stations elsewhere in the country. They also involved immigration
officers in the passport control, finance and ICT (information and
communications technology) sections.

The reforms also saw the sacking of officials responsible for issuing
resident permits, amid allegations of corruption.

Describing the immigration department as one of the most crucial in
terms of maintaining national security, the minister said more changes
were underway, but they were calling for sober planning to avoid
claims of victimization and favoritism.

Citing recent research findings revealing bribery-related incidents to
account for 30 per cent of the Immigration Division`s problems,
Minister Kitwanga urged immigration department personnel to adhere to
working ethics and respect the laws of the land.

He warned against temptations of taking bribes and engaging in other
malpractices like aiding illegal migrants and drug smugglers.

He mentioned other challenges facing the department as per the
research findings as poor performance that accounts for 20 per cent of
the problems, abuse of office, 20 per cent, poor working systems, lack
of equipment and poor services that jointly contribute to another 20
per cent of what he described as chronic hitches in the department.