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South African airports to get new e-gates â€` here’s what you need to know

He added that a further rollout will be done in a phased approach,
with Oliver Tambo and King Shaka International airports to follow.
“The broad objective of the project is the facilitation of movement of
low-risk travellers through a self-service solution, hence freeing
capacity for the assessment of high-risk categories by an immigration
officer,” the spokesperson said.
“In line with the risk-based approach to managing migration, the first
phase will focus on South African passport holders (excluding minors).”
He added that the gates are being developed in terms of the Home
Affairs White Paper on International Migration, as well as
international civil aviation legislation.
Expected benefits of the project include:
• Reduced processing time at Immigration for low-risk travellers;
• Increased capacity to focus on higher-risk categories;
• Managing boarding time; and
• Improved customer satisfaction.
How it will work
For the e-gates pilot at Cape Town International Airport, South
African passport holders travelling internationally will proceed to
e-gates for self-service immigration clearance where the following
would be performed:
• Biometric verification;
• Passport authenticity and validity checks;
• Checks against the BMCS risk engine; and
• The BMCS will record the movements of persons on the system after
all system checks have been successfully performed.
Home Affairs said that the e-gates project will help address the key
issue of traveller identification management, which is at the heart of
secure and facilitated travel.