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Visa issue real, says UK family after R390k holiday spoiled

Cape Town – Can you imagine spending an entire year booking and
planning your family holiday to a dream destination, only to have the
excitement squashed as you`re about to board because you did not have
a certain version of a birth certificate – despite having original
birth certificates and passports for your children? Read more…

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New Year Message from the CEO – SAMI

As we close out 2015 and prepare to enter 2016 let us pause and
reflect on 2015 .
Like the financial markets in South Africa dropping and the Rand
devaluing against major currencies , there is a silver lining in that
as well with South Africa becoming a major destination for people from
abroad wanting to invest , work ,study and retire in South Africa
where the british pound , dollar and euro has much purchasing power
The immigration landscape has been difficult with the department of
home affairs sending mixed signals to the market as to whether South
Africa is open to migrants or not . Against this backdrop we have
thrived by giving good immigration advice and providing creative
solutions to our clients both individuals and corporates . In this
landscape of peoples dreams being fulfilled in SA , we have had more
smiles than frowns with successful visas for our clients
I wish to thank my team for the backup and support that you have
provided our clients and the many positive testimonials we have
received bears evidence of that . Our environment is deadline and
pressure driven and what our clients experience is the seamless
integration of a well oiled team capable of responding to the many
curved balls we get and they never get flustered. We look good
because of your unselfish dedication to go the extra mile .
To you our client`s thank you for your feedback both good and bad
because without it we cannot gauge how well we are doing in your eyes
in terms of what you expect . We have taken to heart your feedback and
looking back i can see by the increase in positive feedback we have
received we have done well but we will not rest but raise the bar in
2016 to give you a better experience with us .
May New Year set out forth new roads to success and provide you with
opportunities to give wings to your unfulfilled desires.
Make your dreams come true with the rise of another beautiful year.
As 2016 approaches, give a moment of thought to the achievements
as well as the failures of 2015 so that you know what the right path
for you would be.
Thank you for all the work you has given us as a company , It has
helped our company to succeed in Business Looking forward for a new
year with your support
May all of us be a blessing to this company. May our company be a
blessing to us as well. May this New Year be filled with lots of works
to keep us busy.
Work towards your goals and find yourself serving as the ideal for
this year.
Create a better working environment as you move forward on fulfilling
the common goals of the organization by taking together everyone
around you.
Give wings to your dreams and let them see come true in 2016.
You are blessed with another beautiful year filled with opportunities
to make it a grand one.
May God give you the strength to overcome difficulties and the confidence
to walk on the difficult road to success!
Be the one who could sail through stormy waters and offer light on
dark roads.
May you script history in 2016 for this company and make it as the
most profitable year of all years.
My hope is that you unfold new horizons, fulfill new wishes, harbor
new hopes and rediscover the strength within you to bring in positive
changes at work with the unfolding of the New Year
Wake up each day with so much drive and passion to work. May you take
time to know what is missing in how you do your work.This year, may
you strive harder to perform better.
May you continue to trust our company. Your continued support is
highly appreciated.
Stay to be our number 1 client!
Have a New Year that is full of dreams !!!

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State mulls electronic fines payment system to curb graft

December 30, 2015 – News day
PLANS to curb corruption within the Zimbabwe Republic Police traffic section are underway with a system being developed to ensure people charged for road offences pay electronically.
This was said by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa while addressing Senate last week during debate on the Finance Bill to do with the 2016 National Budget.
Chinamasa was responding to concerns by Bulawayo Metropolitan Senator Tholakele Khumalo over corruption at roadblocks.
Khumalo had claimed police who collected spot fines usually have two receipt books — one for themselves and the other, a bona-fide one.
“We are exploring how we can collect these fines electronically,” Chinamasa told Senate.
“I am aware that a project is being developed on a joint venture basis. It has not yet come to Cabinet, but it is intended that as people pay fines wherever the police roadblock is, the police will have an electronic device so that as fines are paid, we will know the real time it was paid, what has been paid, and thus should be able to account for it.”
He said if Cabinet approved the initiative, it would go a long way in addressing public concerns with respect to corruption among police officers at roadblocks.
The announcement by Chinamasa comes at a time after he increased traffic fines with effect from January 1, 2016.
Chinamasa announced in the 2016 National Budget an increase in traffic spot fines, where offences for proceeding against a red traffic light, overtaking over a solid white line, driving without a licence and foot brakes not working, would attract a fine of $100 up from $20.
Home Affairs secretary Melusi Matshiya expressed concern that if there was no proper electronic system to monitor how the fines were collected, it would fuel corruption.
“If you raise traffic fines up to $100, it raises serious concerns because if you leave it to the police officer on the ground, it can be manipulated. There is need for consultation on the issue with secretaries of respective departments before its implementation,” Matshiya told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services when he appeared before it early this month.
Matshiya also told the committee that if funding was availed for the electronic monitoring system, it would go a long way in combating malpractices at roadblocks.
Chinamasa informed senators that he had ordered all revenue collection institutions, which are allowed retention, to open accounts with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe by the end of January next year.
“This is to enhance our capacity to monitor what takes place with respect to these funds. If there is misbehaviour or any malpractices that are going on, we should be able to stamp them very early,” he said.

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Home Affairs maintains tourism travel rules are no problem

28 Dec 2015 –
Home Affairs sees nothing wrong with the immigration rules and finds that travellers’ complaints are “baseless and inaccurate”.
The Department of Home Affairs has said reports of UK-based travellers experiencing problems entering South Africa because of immigration regulations were “baseless and inaccurate”.
In a statement the department said negative reports had emerged due to distortion of facts: “We wish to categorically state that these reports are baseless and inaccurate, stemming largely from exaggeration and distortion of facts. The same goes for claims regarding families coming to our country.
“More travellers from the UK are coming to our shores. Our data systems for recording arrivals and departures at ports of entry show a notable increase of 3% for UK travellers to SA between 01 November and 23 December 2015.
“A total of 82 772 UK travellers had arrived in this period, in 2015, compared to 79 998 for the same period in 2014. Also for children, we experienced an increase in the number of arrivals for the 01 November 2015 to 23 December 2015 period, with 8 745 arrivals recorded, compared to 8 508 in 01 November 2014 to 23 December 2014 – an increase of 3%.”
The department added that it was “consistent in discussions” of the 2014 immigration regulations. “We have indicated that [we] welcome tourists and others to our country as tourism stimulates economic activity, assisting SA in realising the aims of the National Development Plan.
“Home Affairs wants what is best for the country as can be seen in concessions announced by Cabinet in October 2015 that had been made to attract critical skills and foreign students. But we cannot be reckless in any policy formulation and implementation, thus the need consciously to balance economic goals with security interests.”
It added that officials “continue to do the best that they can” during the festive period. “Improving traveller processing at ports of entry for enhanced client satisfaction is among the apex priorities of the department.”

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Spousal visa delay gets mother banned

29 December 2015 – Cape Times
A LOCAL father has blamed bureaucratic bungling by the Department of Home Affairs for his New Zealand-born wife being banned from entering South Africa for a year.
David Vollenhoven said after several years living overseas he had returned at the end of 2013 with his wife and their infant daughter to live permanently in Cape Town.
His wife Kelly was granted a two-year spousal visa in 2013 and she applied to renew it on July 31. The couple had also informed Home Affairs of their plans to holiday in New Zealand in December and that the issue of a spousal visa was urgent.
But they got no joy and with
their flights to New Zealand drawing closer, Vollenhoven hired an immigration attorney to assist with expediting his wife’s spousal visa application. The lawyer confirmed her two-year spousal visa had been approved and printed in Pretoria, but that it had not been dispatched to Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) in Cape Town.
“On November 25 I sought assistance via e-mail from one of the senior officials at Home Affairs. He replied on December 8 that the matter would be attended to and resolved within four working days (if not done so already). I replied that we fly out on December 11 and that four days would be too long. To date I have not received any further reply,” says Vollenhoven.
Now desperate, he went to the Home Affairs office in central Cape Town on December 11, and was promised the visa could be reprinted and dispatched to the Johannesburg office of VFS by midday on December 11.
The couple were shocked to find, despite promises, that immigration officials at OR Tambo had not flagged her. And when she and the children left for New Zealand, she was instead declared an “undesirable person” and banned from entering South Africa for a year.
While his immigration lawyer lodged an appeal with Home Affairs, Vollenhoven says the ban meant his wife could not return to Cape Town next week.
“We acted in good faith at all times. The decision is unconstitutional. There is a lack of accountability within the DHA and VFS and no support for South African citizens,” said Vollenhoven.
Home Affairs Department spokesperson Thabo Makgola referred enquiries to Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba’s spokesperson, Mayihlome Tshwete, who did not respond to several calls and text messages.

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Home affairs committee urges visitors to comply with immigration regulations

Home affairs committee urges visitors to comply with immigration regulations
29 December 2015 – EWN
JOHANNESBURG – The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs says visitors to the country must comply with immigration regulations for the safety of South African citizens and also for their own.

The department has urged travellers to familiarise themselves with the regulations following a number of foreign tourists who have been rejected from entering the country.

Chairperson of the committee Lemias Mashile says while the rules have been relaxed to accommodate visitors they also offer security for those that wish to visit the country.

“It doesn’t help for us to relax the regulations because then the wrong people will get into the country… We don’t want that type of a situation.”