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It’s fake: Viral message warning of robbers dressed as officials to check ID for GE14

The Star – 10 Jan 2018
PETALING JAYA: A viral message warning Malaysians of robbers dressed as officials from the “Department of Home Affairs” actually turns out to be an alert issued to South Africans.
The following message claimed that “authorities” were checking the identification documents of locals, especially with the 14th General Election expected to be called this year:
“Security Alert: Be warned, there is a group going to homes and pretending to be officials from home affairs. They have documents with the letterhead Department of Home Affairs and claim to be confirming that everyone has a valid ID for the upcoming elections. They are robbing homes. Take note there is no initiative like that from the government. Send this on your neighbourhood group chat. They are everywhere and they look presentable.”
A very similarly worded statement was published by the Republic of South African Department of Home Affairs on its website ( in October, 2017.
The Department had warned South Africans to be alert of a group of individuals visiting homes in South Africa, pretending to be officials from the Department.
“They carry with them documents with letterheads purportedly from Home Affairs and claim to be confirming the validity of IDs for the upcoming elections,” said the statement.
“These individuals are criminals who rob households once they gain entry. There is no such initiative from the Department,” it said.
The Department informed that Home Affairs officials are clearly identifiable by name tags, and that household visits will be announced through official government channels.
It seems like the message, which has been circulating among Malaysians recently, is a copy of the Republic of South African Department of Home Affairs’ alert.
It is also important to note that Malaysia has no Department of Home Affairs, instead we have a Home Affairs Ministry.

Zambia suspends passport issuance in capital amid cholera outbreak

LUSAKA,9 Jan 2018 The Zambian government on Tuesday announced a temporary suspension on issuance of passports and national identity cards in Lusaka, the country’s capital, following an outbreak of cholera.
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo said the suspension has been necessitated by the escalating cases of cholera in the city and in line with the government’s ban on public gatherings in some parts of the city.
He said the issuing office will only attend to emergency travels.
“There is no need to panic as this will be temporal to allow for efforts to prevent the spread of cholera,” he told reporters during a press briefing.
The cholera outbreak since October last year, which mainly affects Zambia’s capital, has prompted the government to ban public gathering and defer opening of schools.
According to figures from the health ministry, cholera cases in Zambia have surpassed 2,800 while the toll currently stands at 64.
On Tuesday, Zambian President Edgar Lungu expressed optimism that the measures put in place by the government were adequate to contain the water-borne disease but highlighted need to clean up cities to improve hygiene.

Two passengers arrested at Allama Iqbal airport in Lahore

Two passengers arrested at Allama Iqbal airport in Lahore
Pakistan Today – 08 January 2018

LAHORE: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Immigration Wing arrested two passengers on charges of fake permits at Allama Iqbal airport on Monday.
According to an FIA spokesman, the agency intercepted two passengers, Waqar Ahmad and Sohail Ahmad of Gujranwala, who had arrived here through flight number EK-624 from South Africa.
During immigration clearance, the South African work permit of Waqar Ahmad and critical skills visa of Sohail Ahmad on their passports were found to be fake.
The passengers have been sent to the FIA Anti-Human-Trafficking Circle Lahore for legal action.