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Children born abroad with one South African parent have right to citizenship, ConCourt

The Constitutional Court finalised a seven-year legal battle fought by Lawyers for Human Rights on behalf of four people born to SA parents outside the country. The case centred on the Citizenship Amendment Act of 2010 and how it applied to people born outside of South Africa before January 2013. Justice Sisi Khampepe slammed the Department of Home Affairs, describing its conduct in the matter as `brazenly incompetent`.
Children born in other countries are entitled to South African citizenship as long as one parent is South African, the Constitutional Court has ruled. Read more…

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Is artificial intelligence beginning of the end?

Is this the beginning of the end for personalized creativity?

If you spend enough time online, you would have seen the AI-generated pictures of black alternative people at a rave or maybe you’ve even created some fun AI art of your own in the recent past.

AI, also called machine intelligence, is defined as a sector within computer science that primarily focuses on elevating, building and managing computerized technology.

AI technology is also created with the intention of autonomously making decisions and carrying out actions on behalf of a human. Read more…

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Court rules on unwed fathers

The Eastern Cape High Court in Gqeberha has found a regulation that was stopping undocumented fathers from being registered on their children’s birth certificates unconstitutional.
The regulation affects the rights of thousands of children simply through the circumstances of their births, Judge Mbulelo Jolwana said.
He said it was “irrational” and it had never gone through a parliamentary process.
The rights of citizens cannot be subject to the whims or attitudes of officials in government offices, the judge said. Read more…

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Court asked to permit unmarried couples in life partnerships to claim maintenance when separated

The Western Cape High Court is being asked to develop common law legislation to permit unmarried couples in life partnerships to claim maintenance from one another in the event of a separation.

As the law stands, the right is reserved only for heterosexual couples who are legally married.

The development sought is aimed at providing a remedy for maintenance upon the termination of a permanent life partnership, in circumstances where the parties had undertaken reciprocal duties to support one another during the existence of the partnership. Read more…

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SA born child leaves for Croatia with father after court rules against estranged wife

A South African-born child aged 13 will next week start school in Croatia after her father won a legal battle against his estranged wife to take his daughter with him while he assists Ukrainian refugees in that country.
The child’s mother was shortly before Christmas ordered by the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg to allow the child to live with her father abroad.
Judge Shanaaz Mia ordered the mother to sign all the necessary documents relating to her daughter’s relocation. If the mother refused to sign the documents, the sheriff of the court was entitled to do so on her behalf, the order read.
Not only did the mother lose her battle for her child to remain here, but she was also instructed by the court to foot her husband’s legal bill.
Judge Mia made it clear that the interest of a child will always prevail. In this case the child made it clear she wanted to go to Croatia with her father, with whom she had a better relationship. Read more…