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The country is undeniably better off than it was five years ago

The removal of Jacob Zuma gave the country and critical state institutions a fighting chance to recover. The fight is not over and not all enablers have left, but the country is undeniably better off than it was five years ago, argues JP Landman.
A young friend expressed her dismay about what she had seen and read in the media since the release of the final part of the Zondo Commission`s report. With the recent avalanche of bad news about rising food, petrol prices, and interest rate costs, the commission had given her some hope. However, the responses she had heard and read in our media made her feel that hope was in vain, or even naïve. Read more…

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Adrian Gore, My view on SA remains unchanged: We need action, not despair

Business has identified three clear priority areas and initiatives to get things off the ground. These areas are energy, railways, ports, roads and corruption and crime.
Adrian Gore writes that he has a deep belief in the potential of our country and it is clear to him that this is not a time for pessimism, despair and inaction. He argues that, on the contrary, we are in desperate need of optimism, hope and action.
Right now, times are tough for every South African. Every person I speak to is concerned and despairing; there is a deep sense of futility. Read more…

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First Chinese group a step towards ambitious goal

South Africa has officially welcomed its first large group of leisure tourists from China post-COVID, setting the ball rolling on the industry’s goal of reaching one million annual arrivals from the Asian powerhouse by 2030.
The group of 13 tourists, along with their tour guide, flew from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on Air China flight CA867, touching down to a jubilant welcome at OR Tambo International Airport at 07h47 on Wednesday. The high-end tourists clients of Chinese travel agency GZL International Travel were greeted by dignitaries from, amongst others, South African Tourism, the Chinese consulate and the Gauteng Tourism Authority, and South African and Chinese media. Read more…

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Home Affairs’ last-minute move extends concession for 56,000 foreign residents until end of the year

The Department of Home Affairs has yet again issued a last-minute reprieve, extending a blanket concession for long-term visa or waiver applicants awaiting decisions on their applications.
The holders of the long-term visas can now legally remain in South Africa until 31 December 2023, although the lateness of the decision 48-hours before these visa holders technically expire has drawn sharp criticism.
The directive was issued this morning to the Home Affairs head office and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s Consular Services and Visa Facilitation Centres (VFS) to communicate this decision. Read more…

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Over 12,000 Asylum Seekers Permitted to Work in Ireland Since 2018

More than 12,000 asylum seekers have been allowed to work in Ireland since new changes in EU legislation were introduced in 2018.
Authorities in Ireland opted into European Union legislation of 2018 permitting persons who seek international protection in this country to have access to the Labour market after the Supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional to stop them from working, report.
When it comes to this legislation, Ireland was the last European Union country to accept this decision. Read more…

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OPINION, Bernard Chiguvare: I left Zimbabwe to live in SA. I want to go back. This is why it’s hard

Many South Africans wonder why so many of us Zimbabweans came to be settled in their country, and wonder why we do not simply return to our homeland.

This is my story about my rural homestead in Zimbabwe that I felt forced to leave. I would like to go back and spend the rest of my life there, but it isn’t that simple.

From the early 1960s, I lived in Buhera District in Manicaland Province. I have a deep bond with this place, even though the soil is today very poor for farming.

In 1987 I got married. My uncle allocated me three hectares to build a family homestead. I was earning a salary that allowed me to immediately build a three-bedroomed house and also a small rondavel. Though my wish was to build a better home, I had limited resources. Read more…

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Largest strike in decades brings Germany to a standstill

Airports and bus and train stations across Germany were at a standstill on Monday morning, causing disruption for millions at the start of the working week during one of the largest walkouts in decades as Europe`s biggest economy reels from inflation.

The 24-hour strikes called by the Verdi trade union and railway and transport union EVG were the latest in months of industrial action which has hit major European economies as higher food and energy prices dent living standards.

Two of Germany`s largest airports, Munich and Frankfurt, suspended flights, while long-distance rail services were cancelled by rail operator Deutsche Bahn. Striking workers wearing red high-visibility jackets blew horns and whistles through an empty Munich train station. Read more…