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I`m done with Canada High cost of living leads some to leave the country

With the Bank of Canada’s recent decision to raise its key interest rate, and the average price of a home rising year-over-year, many Canadians say they are struggling to afford housing. As a result, some have decided to relocate to countries where they will pay less for accommodation and other essential items.

One of those people is Roland Cameron from Hamilton, Ont. Cameron and his wife arrived in Barbados on July 10 and plan to live there permanently. The couple had considered living in other countries before settling on Barbados, where Cameron’s father’s side of the family lives. In search of a lower cost of living, the couple hopes to make the value of their dollar go further, Cameron said.

“The fundamentals of why we’re paying so much for stuff doesn’t make sense,” the 48-year-old business owner told in a telephone interview on June 12. “We would always come up with more income, but new costs would pop up. Read more…

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Court reprieve for Zimbabwean Extension Permit holders does little to quell panic

Permit holders may have been afforded a 12-month reprieve in June, but many say their relief was short-lived, with the Minister of Home Affairs now challenging the court ruling. While figuring out their (limited) options, many have to contend with locals’ ill feeling towards them and the threat of losing their livelihoods.
Kelvin Kambasha travelled to South Africa from Zimbabwe to “look for something better” in the wake of Zimbabwe’s sociopolitical and economic instability of the mid-2000s. He had no one to rely on and needed to quickly become industrious. He found employment first as a van assistant before being promoted to heavy-duty driver once he obtained a Code 14 licence. Read more…

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South Africa: Western Cape Finance and Economic Opportunities on missed deadline for Remote Working Visa

The Minister of Home Affairs, Aaron Motsoaledi, has confirmed in a letter to the Western Cape Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Opportunities and Tourism, that his department has missed its own deadline to introduce the Remote Working Visa in South Africa by the end of June this year.
This means that it has now been 527 days and counting since President Ramaphosa first announced the intention to introduce this much needed and sought after visa category, in his February 2022 State of the Nation Address.
Remote workers, or Digital Nomads, are people who have jobs elsewhere in the world, who because of remote working options, would prefer to conduct this work (and spend their foreign earnings) in our beautiful destination. Read more…

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South Africa experiencing a surge in visa application volumes

The most common reason why visa applications get rejected is due to incorrect or insufficient information submitted while applying for a visa.
With the post-Covid world having seen a strong surge in outbound travel, South Africa has experienced a hike in visa volumes, far exceeding the 2021 statistics â€` last year standing at 70%, according to a travel expert.
Speaking at a travel media session in Johannesburg yesterday, VFS Global sub-Saharan Africa head Hariprasad Viswanathan, said the number of visa applications processed in 2022 from South Africa, had risen by over five times, compared to 2021. Read more…

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Zimbabwe permit holders can work until 31 December even if permit application unsuccessful

Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) holders can legally work in South Africa until 31 December even if they are not successful in their applications for other visas, said the employment law team from Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.
Earlier this month, South Africa’s government extended the ZEP, due to expire at the end of June, by another six months to December, citing a wave of visa and waiver applications.
“You are still legally allowed to work and live in South Africa even if your application is unsuccessful, you can still work until that time [31 December],” said Taryn York, a member of the team. Read more…

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3 million people in Japan holding second jobs to make ends meet

A study found that 3.05 million people in Japan held side jobs last year to make ends meet.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications carries out a survey on the nation’s employment structure every five years.
The latest finding, released July 21, represented an increase of 600,000 over the previous study in 2017.
The ministry surveyed around 540,000 households nationwide last October.
Those who held side jobs represented 4.8 percent of the total, a 0.9 percentage point increase over the previous survey.
Only 2.5 percent of regular workers held a side job. However, 7.2 percent of people in irregular employment did so. Read more…

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Thousands of foreigners are flocking to South Africa to retire, here’s where they’re coming from

Thousands of foreign nationals have chosen South Africa as their retirement destination, with many of them leaving some notable first-world countries such as the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and the United States of America.

During a parliamentary Q&A in June, the minister of Home Affairs was asked to furnish the total number of retirement visa applications that were received and approved, as well as what countries these applicants come from.

In response, the department said South Africa had received around 3,645 retirement visa applications over the past two years from foreigners residing in 112 countries. Read more…