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How to get documents from Home Affairs in South Africa

Getting documents from Home Affairs in South Africa can be very time consuming. Let make the process easier for you.
The Department of Home Affairs is proposing major changes to ID cards in the country.
In South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for issuing civic certificates and documents, including marriage, death, and birth certificates. They also issue Letters of No Impediment and divorce decrees to South African citizens, but what is the best and fastest way to obtain these documents from Home Affairs? Read more…

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Waiver Letter Immigration South Africa for Visas

The immigration act for South Africa allows for the Minister of Home Affairs to waive certain requirements of the act. Once the requirement has been waived, an individual or corporation will be exempt from that requirement in that instance. In layman’s terms that means that the minister has the authority through the immigration act to waive a specific requirement. In order to be granted the waiver, an applicant must have a “good cause” to be granted.
Your application for a waiver must be 100% sound and have good reasoning as the good cause must convince the Department of Home Affairs as to why they need to make an exemption for you. The applicant must prove that there is sufficient evidence to waive the requirement or form and then the Department of Home Affairs shall determine to either grant or refuse the waiver. Read more…

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Unabridged vs. Abridged vs. Vault Birth and Marriage Certificates from Home Affairs

Abridged birth and/or marriage certificates merely indicate the most basic details pertaining to the person to whom the document is issued.
Obtaining documents from Home Affairs is generally a tedious and somewhat confusing exercise, but perhaps the trickiest part of the whole exercise is figuring out which documents you need to apply for. Do you need an abridged, unabridged, or vault copy of your official South African document? Or perhaps all three? Why are there three versions of each document, and what are the differences between them?, a document concierge service provider, provides some much-needed clarity on the topic… Read more…

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The Letter of No Impediment for South Africans

What is a Letter of No Impediment, why is it important? shares with South Africans all about it and how to obtain yours quickly
A Letter of No Impediment is of paramount importance for South African citizens when traveling abroad. But what exactly is this document, what purpose does it serve, and what’s the fastest route to obtaining one if you need it? This article delves into the topic and aims to answer all these questions. Read more…

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Germany`s housing sector slumps into crisis

• Hundreds of homeowners-to-be across Germany have been left in the lurch as builders go out of business.
• A jump in interest rates and material costs has seen twice as many developers file for insolvency over the last year than during the previous 12 months.
• The German government on Monday offered a new package of measures to help ease the pressure.
Valeriy Shevchenko felt like he made the purchase of his lifetime when he beat a queue of prospective buyers to secure a two-bedroom apartment in one of Berlin`s most popular districts.
Two years on, the 33-year-old`s housing dreams have come crashing down after the developer of his new home, Project Immobilien, went bankrupt.
Hit by a sudden jump in interest rates and raw material costs, twice as many developers have filed for insolvency over the last year than during the previous 12 months. Read more…

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Digital nomads: How SA labour laws affect foreign employers, employees and remote workers

In the modern world of employment in which South Africa is fast being recognised as a destination of choice for remote workers, foreign employers must take care to align the employment contract to the appropriate system of law, says Bradley Workman-Davies.
The Labour Relations Act (LRA), among other important functions, regulates the rights of employees whose contract of employment has been terminated, and affords the employee the right to refer a dispute to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) upon receipt of such notice.
However, the position of an employee who needs to rely on legal protection in terms of labour law within the framework of diplomatic immunity remains Read more…

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Home Affairs in court for ‘blocking’ identity documents

No ID, no life. This is the fate of many children in South Africa who are victims of their parent’s IDs being “blocked” by the Department of Home Affairs.
Their births are never registered or are registered very late; their parents cannot access child support and other grants; they are excluded from or discriminated against at school; they struggle to access health care and immunisation programmes. Without an identity number they are “invisible” to the state.
These are the submissions of the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town, represented by the Centre for Child Law, admitted as an amicus curiae in a case to be argued this week in the Pretoria High Court. Read more…