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South Africa’s super-rich are sinking

The latest Knight Frank Wealth Report 2024 shows that South Africa has lost 11 ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the last year while thousands more millionaires have been lost over the last decade.

The 2024 instalment of the report is based on responses provided during December 2023 by more than 600 private bankers, wealth advisors, intermediaries and family offices who, between them, manage over $3 trillion (R57 trillion) of wealth for Ultra-high-net-worth individual (UHNWI) clients. Read more…

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Home affairs’ mean-spirited new immigration law should be scrapped

Lawyers for Human Rights say the white paper on citizenship violates SA’s own constitution and other international human rights laws
We all knew foreigners, most with degrees, who worked in SA for a decade or so helping build our new democracy. Who found local partners sometimes people of colour when that was still a novelty and threw the most banging and diverse dinner parties.
Then they were suddenly, inexplicably, forced to return to their countries of origin, leaving their families and spirits broken and our economy and society the poorer for their absence.
It is sobering to consider that 30 years into our once-celebrated democracy a minuscule 0.2% of the 62-million people living here have achieved citizenship by naturalisation. Read more…

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Home Affairs Approve 68 “Trusted Employers”, Other Work Visa Applicants Must Expect Delays and High Court confirm the process

The realities for anyone who applies for a South African work visa outside the “TES” scheme remains that they should expect a frustrating process. There are certain Embassy applications which are remarkably quick and efficient, but these remain the exception. It persists the better strategy to expect a challenging process and here are some pointers –
1. Submit as soon as possible, so you do not have a position where the application becomes late and there is a “self-created urgency”. You must ensure a first-time correct submission.
2. Each application category has very specific requirements in law and Regulations, however, this is the minimum requirement. There is also an additional layer of requirements based on internal adjudication protocols as well as Embassy specific requirements. It is very important that all bases are covered to ensure a first-time correct application. Read more…

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Cape Town Carnival 2024 Promises a `Lekker` Time for All

During a vibrant media launch, the Cape Town Carnival provided a sneak peek into the upcoming festivities scheduled to commence on March 16, 2024, along the iconic Green Point Fan Walk. The Cape Town Carnival, a registered social impact initiative under the leadership of Professor Rachel Jafta from Stellenbosch University, showcased the diverse and creative contributions from over 1,000 performers across the province.

The media launch featured enthusiastic dancers portraying fantastical worlds, including a deep sea with mythical creatures, a landscape made of sweets, and vibrant scenes of feathers and fynbos. The theme for this year`s carnival, revealed by Jay Douwes, CEO of Cape Town Carnival, is `Lekker,` reflecting the light, fun, and diverse essence of Cape Town and South Africa. Read more…

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Motsoaledi`s bid to appeal Zimbabwean permits ruling dismissed in court accreditation

The Zimbabwean Exemption Permit programme will not end any time soon, following a Supreme Court of Appeal dismissal of the Minister of Home Affairs` request for leave to appeal.
The Zimbabwean Exemption Permit programme will not end any time soon, following a Supreme Court of Appeal dismissal of the Minister of Home Affairs` request for leave to appeal.

The Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed a bid by the Minister of Home Affairs to appeal a ruling that the termination of the ZEP programme was unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid.
The court ruled there were no reasonable prospects of success.
Last year, the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ordered Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to reconsider the termination of the programme following a fair, consultative process that complied with the relevant laws. Read more…

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SCA dismisses Motsoaledi’s bid to appeal ZEP ruling

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has suffered a blow in his bid to appeal the judgment of the High Court Pretoria.

The court had invalidated his December 2021 decision to terminate the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) and an interim interdict, which stopped government from detaining or deporting any holder of the permit.

Motsoaledi turned to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Bloemfontein in November last year to appeal the judgments, which he argued had set a dangerous precedent. Read more…

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Disky, The Top-Rated WhatsApp Licence Renewal Service in South Africa

Disky stands out as the premier choice for South Africans seeking a hassle-free vehicle licence disc renewal, and its outstanding online reviews speak volumes.

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Disky has garnered love from HelloPeter users due to its simplicity and efficiency. The renewal application is completed over WhatsApp and typically takes less than seven minutes. What`s more, this service is available across all nine provinces in South Africa, and users are not required to create an account. Read more…