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South Africa’s digital nomad visa falls short of the mark

As a South African who has adopted a nomadic work lifestyle alongside my wife, Ingrid Lotze, I’ve been an interested observer of South Africa’s snail-pace digital nomad visa (DNV) development process. Despite the optimism surrounding its introduction, the visa seems to miss several crucial marks for digital nomads like us. Read more…

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Possible new precedent set for hiring employees with criminal records

EREMY MAGGS: I want to stay with crime now. Individuals with a criminal record may be faced with significant challenges when seeking employment, I think that’s a given. Here in South Africa, employers may legally exclude an applicant from consideration for a position if having a clean criminal record is what is termed an inherent requirement of the job. That phrase, inherent requirement, is important, but what exactly does that mean, and when can an applicant be lawfully excluded for having a criminal record? Read more…

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New family immigration visa rules `penalise couples`

There are fears that more people will be separated by the introduction of a minimum salary level for those wanting UK family visas.

Families living in the UK and abroad have raised concerns about what new rules will mean for them as they try to reunite with foreign spouses.

In December, the Home Office, which says migration to the UK is too high, announced a package of measures to reduce net migration, following a spike in arrival numbers. Read more…

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Senior immigration officer slammed by Cape judges after Ethiopian asylum seeker attempts suicide

An Ethiopian asylum seeker, who does not speak English, claims he was duped by a senior immigration official into paying an admission of guilt fine when he thought he was paying for bail.
Two Western Cape High Court judges have condemned the official`s `deplorable` behaviour, set aside the fine, and ordered the immigration official be taken off the case.
Tsegaye Esyas claims Annelise van Dyk treated him like an animal which led to him attempt suicide while in police cells. Read more…

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DHA lost 77 years` worth of working hours in 5 years Adrian Roos

DA MP says hours lost continue to result in persons being unable to collect their ID documents due to unmanageable queues
The DA has been inundated with complaints that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) systems are offline, resulting in long queues and delayed processing of documents.
Through questions posed to the Minister, the DA can now reveal that the DHA has lost over 77 years’ worth of working hours due to system downtime and load-shedding from 2019 to date. Concerningly, this data only relates to hours lost for the application of smart IDs, meaning decades more of working hours could have been additionally lost in other spheres such as passport or visa applications. Read more…

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Home Affairs has spent over R110 million on court battles in less than a year

Home Affairs’ seemingly endless court battles set the department back more than R110-million between April 2023 and the end of February this year. This was revealed in a written parliamentary response by minister Aaron Motsoaledi. He said the department accumulated a litigation bill of R117 692 996.3, higher than the R72 637 944.51 spent the year before. Read more…