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SA Migration 07-06-2022

The Corporate visa is an excellent way for companies to manage their human capital and staffing needs. As a result of South Africa’s fast growing economy and increasing demands for services and products from the domestic and international market, your business may struggle to fill all available positions with South African personnel. Certain high qualified and skilled employees in highly specialised areas may simply not be accessible in South Africa. The Corporate visa provides a facility for your company to obtain the permission from Home Affairs to recruit a certain number of foreign employees to fulfill certain roles . Note there is a requirement that company applying for a corporate visa must provide proof that at least 60% of the total staff complement that are employed in the operations of the business are citizens or permanent residents employed permanently in various positions. In addition at any time during the duration of the visa, the holder of a corporate visa must provide proof that at least 60% of the total staff complement that are employed in the operations of the business are citizens or permanent residents employed permanently in various positions . The corporate has to demonstrate to Department of Labour and Trade and Industry of the 60% local staff component’s.

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When the Corporate visa has been approved by Home Affairs, the individual employees may obtain work permits in a quick and cost-saving procedure as the positions are pre approved . Your company can with confidence look toSA Migration to compile and submit all the required documentation and to make sure that the individual work permits are issued successfully in a short period of time.

A Corporate visa may be issued to a Corporate applicant after consultation between the Departments of Home Affairs, Labour and that of Trade and Industry. The said consultation is designed to determine the maximum number of foreigners which may be employed in that industry.

Note the department has made it a lot more difficult for the Corporate Visa to be issued in that they now require financial guarantees of R30,000 per corporate employee to be posted by the Corporate and paid to Home Affairs.

When offering Corporate Visa service advice, SA Migration provides a no nonsense, no jargon approach. Our dedicated consultants will explain every step of each application while ensuring all documentation is processed in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

It is also important to note that a SA Migration consultant will be processing the entire application. These consultants are qualified to handle cases and personnel on international secondments, localizing staff and obtaining citizenship(s), overseas recruitment s or simply business visitor visas.

SA Migration corporate services offers the benefits of our unique management systems providing your organization with immediate access to the latest international immigration support, as well as the latest updates to immigration law.

Our online systems and consultants offer an online and face-to-face reporting capability, allowing key professionals dealing with international mobility and their respective companies to plan effectively and budget accordingly. We also provide monitoring of the immigration status of staff and the respective expiry dates of passports, permits and any other immigration status. In short, we are a tried and tested outsourced solution for all your immigration and visa requirements. SA Migration offers a flat fee structure to all of our corporate visa service clients and partners. There are no hidden costs for further documentation or ongoing policy advice. We supply all of our corporate visa services in-house and we do not bill on an hourly or time basis. This can translate as a tremendous saving for companies who recognize the importance of immigration for their staff and it will also prevent any overstayers or staff becoming illegal.

As organizations worldwide face larger fines for non-compliance with immigration legislation, SA Migration offers a neutral outsourced solution.

This is particularly useful when explaining to senior management they cannot employ foreign nationals at will and also allows larger organizations to monitor the movement of overseas employees as often local managers can overlook the importance of following the correct process.

We remove all the paperwork and maintain tight controls easing the process. We have a highly trained team of migration specialists to assist you in every aspect of the immigration process.

The Corporate visais differs from the general work permit in that each person / applicant is assessed on a case by case basis and granted at the discretion of the department whereas the corporate visa is approved for a specific number of positions for a fixed period of 5 years and therefore is both predictable and facilitates planning by your company and ensures continuity of the business.

The introduction of a corporate permit, which will allow a corporate applicant to employ a predetermined number of skilled /semi-skilled / unskilled workforce will assist not only the mines and farmers, but also companies who require more than one skilled foreigner. These permits are generally issued for 3 years.

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