Department of Home Affairs loses Marriage Register

Randridge – 12 October 2018

SECUNDA – Although a local couple got married in 2016, according to the Department of Home Affairs, they are not married and must get married again. According to officer, couple’s only option is to get re-married.
This comes after the department claims the register where their wedding is supposed to be registered, is lost.
“They lost a whole register with other couples’ details in as well,” said the groom.
According to him, there are three copies of the marriage certificate, one goes to the conductor of the wedding ceremony, one to the couple and one to the department, but allegedly the copy, the department received is not legal because it was filled in with a blue pen and not a black pen.
The couple went to the Department of Home Affairs numerous times to resolve this matter, but to no avail.
“They told us they will investigate it and that our copy is invalid because it is in blue ink.”
The department advised the couple to get married again, but they do not want to because then the date of their wedding will be in 2018 and not 2016.
“We do not know what to do next, we are considering to get married in court and see if they can back date the certificate to 2016 so that we can have our correct date on our wedding certificate.”
It will cost the couple R1 500 if the same reverend re-marry them so they are considering to get married in court rather.
“We are already married,” said the man.

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