Emigration guide: from Australia to Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and the USA

Enough, already — hands up who has Brexit fatigue. The political purgatory as Britain attempts to leave the European Union is utterly exhausting. So if you want to get on with your life and escape the entire continent, where do you go?
So sick of Brexit that you want to flee Europe altogether? You’re not alone: more and more Britons are emigrating even further afield.
Some 4.275m UK-born people live abroad, according to hot-off-the-press statistics from the United Nations. The top destination is Australia, with more than 1.262m Brits — up from 1.206m in 2015, the year before the EU referendum. Second is the US, with 716,260 people originally from our shores. Also featuring in the top 10 in the UN list are New Zealand (272,436 Brits), South Africa (131,310) and Canada (77,494). All these countries have seen their UK-born populations grow since we elected to part ways with…

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