Illegal and Fraudulent documents – Unannounced immigration inspections conducted in South Africa 

SA Migration – 09/06/2022

Sa Migration recently sent out a news alert.

The purpose of the alert?

To share the news that The Department of Home Affairs are carrying out immigration raids on businesses, in search of employers who are violating immigration laws.

What happened?

According to Sa Migration, many foreign workers were arrested and a restaurant / factory managers , owners of businesses who employed foreigners illegally will be charged with violating the South African Immigration Act.

How did the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) know about these violations happening?

The DHA confirmed to Sa Migration  that the raids took place in response to complaints received from members of the public regarding suspected illegal working. The DHA also said it expects more arrests to follow as the investigation continues.

The moral of the story

The DHA’s promise to pay random, unannounced visits to businesses are not idle threats. The Department could visit your office or worksite at any time and you’ll be found in contravention of South Africa’s Immigration Act if the DHA find that you are illegally employing foreign workers.

Instead of being caught off-guard, ensure that your foreign employees hold valid visas at all times. Also, that you only employ foreigners with valid and correct visas.

If you need help determining whether your foreign workers are employed legally, you can ask us for a free employee audit. Our team will come to you, do the audit and then report back plus advise on any necessary steps to take.

Getting an audit done demands no effort or risk from your side. However, you do risk jail time or hefty fines if you don’t know the legal status of your employees.

Prefer the former over the latter? Then call us today on +27 (0) 82 373 8415 and ascertain the legal status of your foreign employees.

How can we help you , please email us to whatsapp me on:  +27 82 373 8415, where are you now? check our website : www.samigration.c

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