In the City of Cape Town? Here’s an alternative to standing in queues for vehicle licences

•*The licence grace period has been extended.*
•*Vehicle, learners’ and driving licences which expired between 26 March 2020 and 28 February 2021 will be valid until 31 August.*
•*Third party services could renew your vehicle licence on your behalf.
With the latest grace period extension now being stretched once again, motorists can breathe a bit for a few weeks.
Earlier in January, Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula announced that “the validity of learner’s and driving licences, vehicle licences, professional driving permits, operating licences, accreditation certificates for tourist services” which have expired from 26 March 2020 to 28 February 2021 will be *deemed valid until 31 August I urge all motorists to rather stay home, and stay safe during these crucial next few weeks as we try to flatten the curve of the pandemic.
If you have comorbidities, I strongly advise to stay home, or make use of alternative means by those offering third party services. If you’re in Gauteng or the Free State, you can contact ChatBack via WhatsApp and send all your documents through the app. Transactions should cost you about R250.
There are also other third party small businesses doing the same all over the country. We don’t usually give free punts to businesses, but if we can help our readers find alternatives during this pandemic to relieve the stress of vehicle licence renewals, I sure will do what we can. One such person or small business rendering such a service in the City of Cape Town metropole, is JP Pater.
Pater says: “We can help those that really can’t or are afraid to stand in the lines. I have a long list of customers with Covid-19 related issue. It helps; I drop their new disc in their post box, or mail it to them. “If we can continue to do it now for most of the people, at least there wont be those long queues extending for kilometres once the lockdown is over.”
He says he currently advertises his services on Facebook and relies on word of mouth. Pater explains: “For me, the most important is customer service, something not found too often these days. To mention but one example, the person who designed my card had three of his vehicles renewed by me. That day it was so busy, he actually called me while on his way to stand in the line, (after seeing my add on Facebook) and I was already in the queue. Stories like this make me LOVE what I do. “When someone contacts me, I ask them what needs to be done, and then offer to supply them with any document they need.”
*How it works*
Those who need to renew vehicle licences for their spouse or loved one will need the following (as I would):
1. A signed permission letter to have it done on the vehicle owner’s behalf and a copy of the person receiving permission’s ID
2. A signed form for the transaction in question
3. A copy of owner’s ID
4. Proof of address (this is not always needed, but the day when the system requires a FICA, and you don’t have it, the transaction won’t proceed).
“Only when the vehicle owner decides to do this themselves, will they basically only need a previous disc or reg paper. Easy as that. Nothing else. “After completion of the transaction, I arrange for delivery or collection of the new disc. For the outbound areas we either use PostNet/Pep or maybe a family/friend that lives close enough.
“I prefer the Strand Licencing department to do most of my transactions (and we stand the queue daily while they are open). They are really moving the lines; they are fair and also very helpful. Doing it all this time, you get to know the people, both working there as well as the ones in the queues. And of course, we know the trees and shade spots by now.”
*For Roadworthy, all you need is: *
1. A licenced vehicle (temp permit or up to date licence, not expired)
2. Registration papers
3. Copy of ID of person taking the vehicle in.

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