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Anybody who was born outside of South Africa to a South African citizen. His or her birth has to be registered in line with the births and deaths registration .

If you migrated to South Africa, have permanent residence, satisfy the residential requirements and are of good character you may be eligible for citizenship.On the other hand anybody who was born outside of South Africa to a South African citizen. His or her birth has to be registered in line with the births and deaths registration act 51 of 1992 so as to claim your citizenship .http://www.sami.co.za/citizenship

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Research Permit

Research is a general term which covers all kinds of studies designed to find responses to worthwhile questions by means of a systematic and scientific approach. South Africa has got the means and resources for you to carry out all kinds of research work.In all procedure you are entitled to hold a research permit to carry out all research work .We at SA Migration can assist you in obtaining a permit. For more information see link  http://www.sami.co.za/research-permit.We are fast ,efficient and proffessional .www.sami.co.za

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Study Permit

Knowledge is power

More than 130,000 students come to study into South Africa every year . Foreign students bring a rich culture to our classrooms. Your knowledge and skills are welcome in our schools.For  more information on how to get a study visa in South Africa  see link http://www.sami.co.za/study-permit

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Relatives Permit

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life here in South Africa

The South African relatives permit/ visa allow South African citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their immediate family members to immigrate to South Africa. Either visa may be issued as a temporary or permanent immigration service, however permanent residency depends upon the relationship between the applicant and their sponsor. see link http://www.sami.co.za/relatives-permit


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Spousal Visa/ Permit

A spouse visa allows spouses (married partners)to apply for permanent residency in a time space of five years living together .

Foreigners who are spouses of South African citizens or permanent resident holders may apply for their spouse permit  and upon receiving it, apply for permanent residence subject to being together for 5 years.

This type of South Africa Spouse  permit is available to people in either heterosexual or same-sex relationships and can be applied for as either a spouse temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit depending on the length of the marriage or relationship in question.SA Migration has the honor of assisting you in your application , see link http://www.sami.co.za/life-partner-visa-and-spousal-visa-for-south-africa

Business Visa/Permit

 Business Permits  are issued to foreigners who are looking to conduct their own business.

South African business visas are granted for a period of twenty-four months, which can be extended indefinitely providing that the SA visa requirements below continue to be met.

In addition, like South African work permits, business permit holders may ultimately apply for a permanent residence permit. see link http://www.sami.co.za/business-permit

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Medical Visa / Permit

hospital room

South Africa holds the best doctors and hospitals in the world

A South African medical permit is a specific temporary residence permit designed to allow foreign nationals to immigrate to South Africa on a temporary basis for the express purpose of undergoing medical treatment in the country,see web pages for more info .http://www.sami.co.za/medical-permit.http://samigration.com/blog/category/medical-permit/