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SAMI 2012 Review

This year we expanded our marketing and admin  team , having grown thanks to God’s blessing on our business .

One of our big highlights have been the 218 Section 11(2) Short Term Work Permit approved  -we are  proud to announce our involvement with SAPPI and GoCell in their development project for their Cellulose Mill in Ngodwana – We also would like to thank the Department of Home Affairs in their expedited approval of these permits. Getting this team into SA in a short space of time and accommodated was a logistical feat of excellence thank to the team of Inqaba . This project will go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of the Mpumalanga region

Our online footprint has expanded thanks to a dedicated IT team .

The beginning of 2012 started with so many challenges and hurdles and here we are at the end of 2012 looking stronger than ever , a bigger team than ever proving that focus , tenacity , goals and perseverance plus lots of hard work coupled with team work can turn any adversity into success .

During a time of huge challenges in that staff changed in the Department of Home Affairs sometimes with us having to make huge adjustments to our responses to them , new views on existing policies by the incumbents  leading us having to engage them on several fronts including legal action instituted to reinforce our viewpoints . Overall we are satisfied that we have served our stakeholders our clients , Home Affairs to the best of our abilities and  whilst some permits remained outstanding we know we have done our best in extremely trying circumstances .

To those of you our clients who stood behind us , believed in us , fought with us and afterwards said no hard feelings we wish to thank you because of you we have grown and through all your feedback we have used this as a platform to be built on to get better at what we do .

To my team @ SAMI well done !!! for 2012!!!! , here is to a fantastic 2013. Thank you for the dedication and the hard work ,the last minute submissions etc ,  you are the true heroes . I salute you !!!

Rod Maxwell


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