Medical Visa

A person wishing to receive medical treatment in South Africa must first apply for a medical visa.

All applications for visits for medical purposes must be supported by a letter from the applicant's medical practitioner or medical institution, indicating the nature of the ailment, the reason/necessity for treatment, the period of treatment and particulars of the appointment/s made in South Africa. Full details of the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees must be furnished. Should the individual's medical scheme or employer not be liable for the expenses incurred, proof of medical cover must be submitted.

Emergency patients transported by emergency flights or vehicles will be allowed entry, if not in possession of visas. Immigration officers will facilitate their entry by not applying the clearance procedures. However, it is the duty of the person in charge of the emergency flight or the pilot or owner of the aircraft or the owner or driver of the emergency vehicle, to report the entry and presence of the patient as soon as possible at an office of the Department of Home Affairs.

An immigration officer must then visit the patient and if such patient is found to be an alien in possession of a valid passport, s/he will be issued with the necessary medical Visa.

Fill out the enquiry form below to give us more information on your current status. Once we have all your information, we can deduce whether or not you will qualify for a medical Visa.

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