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I’m officially a South African: joy of Limpopo man who’s battled to get an ID for 10 years

For years his life was in limbo. He struggled to get a job, couldn’t get a driver’s licence and he wasn’t able to get married all because he wasn’t recognised as a South African citizen.

Tebogo Khoza (26) was born in South Africa but he had nothing to prove it. For almost a decade he’s battled to show he is who he says he is and finally he has the precious piece of paper that will allow him to get on with his life.

The North Gauteng high court in Pretoria recently ruled the department of home affairs should register him as a South African and issue him with an identity document.

The first step was giving him a birth certificate and when he received it he could hardly believe his eyes.

“I was very happy,” he tells YOU.
“On the night of the court verdict I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking, ‘When I get my ID, I’m going to get a driver’s licence and a passport’.” - Tebogo Khoza
According to the births and deaths registration act of 1992, all children born in South Africa must be registered within 30 days.

Tebogo’s parents didn’t register him because they were undocumented immigrants �` so to all intents and purposes, their son didn’t exist.

“I grew up in a rural area. At times I wanted to go live in town so I could find work there or work in a mine, but I couldn’t because I had no documents,” he recalls.

When he was six years old his mother passed away and the Thabang Children’s Project later took him in.
Cecil White, who used to work at the child and youth centre in Thabazimbi, Limpopo, accompanied Tebogo to their local home affairs office to apply for his birth certificate and ID when the boy was 16. They had no idea just how long it would take to get those life-changing documents.

Yet Cecil (60) resolved to see it through. He even sought legal counsel from Lawyers for Human Rights to help the young man he regarded as his own son.
“I thought if there was one last battle I would fight, it would be this,” Cecil says.

His hard work was rewarded when the high court ruled in their favour. “God answered my prayers,” Tebogo says.

Tebogo’s parents fled political unrest in Eswatini and entered SA illegally before he was born.

He can’t remember much of his early childhood but recalls being raised by his mom in an informal settlement near Thabazimbi, after his parents split up. He didn’t have a relationship with his father.
When his mother passed away after an illness, his maternal grandmother, Lucy Ndlovu, tracked him down to take care of him. But they ended up depending on the welfare of others because she wasn’t a South African citizen and couldn’t access any social assistance from the government.

Lucy collected food parcels from the Thabang Children’s Project, a non-governmental organisation that helps vulnerable children in the community by providing them with meals, school stationery and casual clothes, among other things.

The NGO also has a centre that houses abandoned kids and children in need and in December 2006 Lucy made the tough decision to hand her grandson over to carers so they could raise him.

For Tebogo, it was a blessing. “When I got there, I saw other kids playing. I could play, eat and just be like a child. That’s why I loved it there,” he says.

He was nine when he arrived at the centre, Cecil recalls. “He had no birth certificate, no paperwork, he hadn’t received any schooling.”

However, he saw potential in the young boy and helped put him through school. Cecil admits it was a tough task because schools were reluctant to accept him without documentation and he basically had to go on his knees and beg for Tebogo to be enrolled.
`Our country has a very good constitution and a good children’s act. It states that every child has the right to an education.` - Cecil White
“Even if a child doesn’t have a birth certificate, according to the childcare act, a child has a right to care, safety and education. We fought on those grounds and we won.”
Living without documentation became even more challenging as Tebogo grew older so he and Cecil turned to the department of home affairs for help.
Officials said they couldn’t register him because he didn’t have any documents to verify his birth and told him to go to Eswatini to have his birth registered there and get a passport.

Cecil accompanied him but the pair faced another hurdle at the border when Eswatini officials refused them entry, despite the fact they had documentation from home affairs detailing the reason for their visit.

“I was very confused because both South Africa and Eswatini refused me citizenship. Like, where am I from? I was shocked at how people treated me,” Tebogo says.

“They treated me like I’m a foreigner and like I’m nothing. I started thinking, ‘Why doesn’t God open a door for me?’”

Cecil wasn’t going to give up without a fight. He contacted the department of home affairs several times to find a solution and after being sent from pillar to post he eventually turned to Lawyers for Human Rights.

Lawyer Thandeka Chauke was part of the team who acted on Tebogo’s behalf and submitted applications to the home affairs office in Lephalale, Limpopo, and to the home affairs minister to have his birth registered.

When there was no response, they turned to the high court as a last resort, she says.

“Our motion was granted by the court and the department of home affairs had 30 days to comply with the court order. The 30 days expired on 30 March and on that date the department indicated they had generated an ID number for him and issued his birth certificate.

“He’s now waiting on his smartcard ID. He was told they couldn’t issue it on the same day because the systems were down and they had to send it to another home affairs office.”
The card should be ready in a couple of weeks and Tebogo is looking forward to getting on with his life. He’s working as an animal-keeper on a game farm in Limpopo �` a job Cecil helped him get as he waited for his documentation. Cecil has been with him on every step of his journey and Tebogo regards him as a father figure.

“He’s the one who helped me and taught me about life,” he says. “He taught me how to be a man.”

Tebogo and his partner, Maria Mlthali (26), have a five-year-old son, Junior. When Maria was pregnant, he proposed but he couldn’t plan a wedding because he didn’t have the required paperwork that would allow him to marry.

Now he plans to do exactly that. “It’s like I have millions in my hands,” he says.

27. Sep. 2023 SA Migration

How to get documents from Home Affairs in South Africa

Getting documents from Home Affairs in South Africa can be very time consuming. Let make the process easier for you. The Department of Home Affairs is proposing major changes to ID cards in the country. In South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for issuing civic certificates and documents, including marriage, death, and birth certificates. They also issue Letters of No Impediment and divorce decrees to South African citizens, but what is the best and fastest way to obtain these documents from Home Affairs? V.4998

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Waiver Letter Immigration South Africa for Visas

The immigration act for South Africa allows for the Minister of Home Affairs to waive certain requirements of the act. Once the requirement has been waived, an individual or corporation will be exempt from that requirement in that instance. In layman’s terms that means that the minister has the authority through the immigration act to waive a specific requirement. In order to be granted the waiver, an applicant must have a “good cause” to be granted. Your application for a waiver must be 100% sound and have good reasoning as the good cause must convince the Department of Home Affairs as to why they need to make an exemption for you. The applicant must prove that there is sufficient evidence to waive the requirement or form and then the Department of Home Affairs shall determine to either grant or refuse the waiver. V.4999

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Ways to get your police clearance certificate quickly

Find out the process of applying for a police clearance (SAPS365) and how Sa migration can help you get yours in as little as 7 days. Efficient ways to get your police clearance certificate quickly: Many South Africans know it can take a long time sometimes weeks or even months to get a police clearance certificate from the South African Police Service (SAPS). During the first half of 2022, SAPS had even more delays because their main office was closed. This made it take even longer to process these certificates at the Criminal Records Centre in Pretoria. V.4992

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26. Sep. 2023 News24

Stellenbosch Business School director resigns following visa challenges

Professor Mark Smith is leaving the Stellenbosch Business School. Supplied • Stellenbosch Business School director Professor Mark Smith has had to resign from the position he held since 2020. • News24 understands this development is related to challenges with securing appropriate visas for his family. • The university says it continues to support ongoing discussions with Universities South Africa and the Home Affairs Department to `smooth out visa processes`. Stellenbosch Business School director Professor Mark Smith has resigned from his position, which he has held since 2020. News24 understands this development was a result of his family not being able to secure appropriate visas to reside in South Africa. V.4993

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Germany`s housing sector slumps into crisis

• Hundreds of homeowners-to-be across Germany have been left in the lurch as builders go out of business. • A jump in interest rates and material costs has seen twice as many developers file for insolvency over the last year than during the previous 12 months. • The German government on Monday offered a new package of measures to help ease the pressure. Valeriy Shevchenko felt like he made the purchase of his lifetime when he beat a queue of prospective buyers to secure a two-bedroom apartment in one of Berlin`s most popular districts. Two years on, the 33-year-old`s housing dreams have come crashing down after the developer of his new home, Project Immobilien, went bankrupt. Hit by a sudden jump in interest rates and raw material costs, twice as many developers have filed for insolvency over the last year than during the previous 12 months. V.4994

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Digital nomads: How SA labour laws affect foreign employers, employees and remote workers

In the modern world of employment in which South Africa is fast being recognised as a destination of choice for remote workers, foreign employers must take care to align the employment contract to the appropriate system of law, says Bradley Workman-Davies. The Labour Relations Act (LRA), among other important functions, regulates the rights of employees whose contract of employment has been terminated, and affords the employee the right to refer a dispute to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) upon receipt of such notice. However, the position of an employee who needs to rely on legal protection in terms of labour law within the framework of diplomatic immunity remains V.4995

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26. Sep. 2023 SA Migration

Unabridged vs. Abridged vs. Vault Birth and Marriage Certificates from Home Affairs

Abridged birth and/or marriage certificates merely indicate the most basic details pertaining to the person to whom the document is issued. Obtaining documents from Home Affairs is generally a tedious and somewhat confusing exercise, but perhaps the trickiest part of the whole exercise is figuring out which documents you need to apply for. Do you need an abridged, unabridged, or vault copy of your official South African document? Or perhaps all three? Why are there three versions of each document, and what are the differences between them?, a document concierge service provider, provides some much-needed clarity on the topic… V.4996

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The Letter of No Impediment for South Africans

What is a Letter of No Impediment, why is it important? shares with South Africans all about it and how to obtain yours quickly A Letter of No Impediment is of paramount importance for South African citizens when traveling abroad. But what exactly is this document, what purpose does it serve, and what’s the fastest route to obtaining one if you need it? This article delves into the topic and aims to answer all these questions. V.4997

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20. Sep. 2023 Daily Maverick

Home Affairs in court for ‘blocking’ identity documents

No ID, no life. This is the fate of many children in South Africa who are victims of their parent’s IDs being “blocked” by the Department of Home Affairs. Their births are never registered or are registered very late; their parents cannot access child support and other grants; they are excluded from or discriminated against at school; they struggle to access health care and immunisation programmes. Without an identity number they are “invisible” to the state. These are the submissions of the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town, represented by the Centre for Child Law, admitted as an amicus curiae in a case to be argued this week in the Pretoria High Court. V.4986

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20. Sep. 2023 News24

Motsoaledi tells Parliament what is needed for home affairs dept to operate more efficiently

• Aaron Motsoaledi says his department will operate more efficiently with a staff contingency of 60%. • The Department of Home Affairs currently operates at 39 to 42% capacity. • Motsoaledi says backlogs may never be solved if the department does not improve its operational capacity. Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says the Department of Home Affairs needs a staff contingency of 60% to operate optimally - but, currently, it falls short of this target, despite pleas to the National Treasury V.4987

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20. Sep. 2023 The citizen

Motsoaledi has made up his mind’: ZEP non-renewal will affect many lives, court hears

There are no prospects of success for Home Affairs` appeal application, according to the respondents. The Helen Suzman Foundation has insisted that Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi’s decision to terminate the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) programme without formal consultation was not in line with the law. The full bench of the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard the Department of Home Affairs’ leave to appeal application on Monday. V.4988

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19. Sep. 2023 News24

Italy to detain migrants for up to 18 months, as 10 000 people land on one small island in a week

Italy is trying to deter an influx of migrants with a set of new measures. 10 000 migrants arrived on the shores of Lampedusa island last week, more than doubling the island`s population. Illegal immigrants may soon be detained for up to 18 months while they await repatriation. The Italian government, struggling with a surge in migrant arrivals, will pass measures on Monday to lengthen the time migrants can be held and to ensure more people who have no right to stay are repatriated, officials said V.4985

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15. Sep. 2023 Reuters

Nigeria`s power grid has collapsed again, causing nationwide blackouts

• Nigerian distributors say the country suffered a total grid collapse on Thursday. • Much the country remains without power. • Load shedding is implemented in South Africa to guard against grid collapse. Nigeria`s electricity distribution companies reported `a total system collapse` on Thursday, causing widespread blackouts across Africa`s biggest economy. Power generation fell to zero in the early hours and had risen to 273 megawatts (MW) by 10:30 still well below the daily average of 4 100 MW, data from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) showed. TCN did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Grid power supply is erratic in Nigeria, a major oil and gas pro V.4983

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15. Sep. 2023 News24

Australia promises 20 years in jail for training Chinese pilots; SA school targeted isn`t worried

Australia`s defence minister Richard Marles introduced an amendment to parliament that seeks to introduce a 20-year prison term for providing military training to a foreign military. Pat Hoelscher/AFP • Australia plans to send any resident who trains a foreign military to jail for up to 20 years. • Draft legislation seems to have the Test Flying Academy of South Africa firmly in its crosshairs. • The company says the change will not affect its operations in any way just as US sanctions didn`t. Australia plans to introduce tough new penalties for any resident involved in training a foreign military not closely allied to that country. V.4984

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13. Sep. 2023 Daily Maverick

We are legal ghosts, Somali family’s bitter struggle to get refugee status in SA

The Department of Home Affairs is now giving appointments for refugees to apply for asylum only in 2025, even though they are required to present themselves at a Refugee Reception Office within five days of their arrival in the country. The legal team for a Somali family that has been harassed by law enforcement, refused medical assistance and given a date to apply for asylum 18 months down the line, has called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to intervene and support their court case against the Department of Home Affairs. “We are legal ghosts,” Abdullahi Osman Shale said in an affidavit explaining the suffering inflicted on his family by the Department of Home Affairs. V.4981

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13. Sep. 2023 Daily Maverick

South Africa’s visa regime keeps out badly needed skilled workers

The government is blocking the potential that foreign workers can bring to South Africa’s stagnant economy. South Africa’s work visa regime is laborious, lengthy and inefficient. The process deters foreign investment, widens the skills gap and throttles productivity, economic growth and development. Between 2015 and 2021, only 16,097 critical skilled-worker permits were approved by the Department of Home Affairs. At an average of just more than 2,200 a year, that amounts to a rejection rate of 52%, for an economy with a sizeable skills deficit. The business visa rejection rate over the same period is even higher, at 68%. V.4982

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Istanbul is as alluring as ever... and SA travellers can get free visas and hotel stays

• Istanbul is still one of the world`s most alluring cities for global travellers. • And for South Africans, it`s one of the cheapest and easiest to visit. • Türkiye issues e-visas immediately at no cost. • And Turkish Airlines, which flies direct to South Africa seven days per week, offers free overnight hotel stays or day tours to those on layovers in Istanbul. • Here`s what to see and do - and how to capitalise on a free extended layover in Istanbul. `If the world were a single country,` Ibrahim says as we gather speed along the western edge of the Bosphorus Strait, `then Istanbul would be its capital`. It`s 16:00 on a Thursday, and the temperature is still hovering somewhere around 30 degrees. The afternoon sunlight reflects off the floor-to-ceiling windows of the waterside stone palaces, their designs influenced by the world`s most powerful empires, and onto the small turquoise waves cresting around us. V.4979

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12. Sep. 2023 News24

Ramaphosa considers cutting number of government departments in South Africa

The National Treasury has reportedly written several proposals to reduce the number of government departments in South Africa. According to the Sunday Times, a secret meeting was held in Stellenbosch, where several key figures discussed these proposals. These include President Cyril Ramaphosa, finance minister Enoch Godongwana, and several top officials from National Treasury and the Reserve Bank. If accepted, these proposals would reportedly save the government about R17 billion in spending but at the cost of lost jobs. Examples of how the proposed cuts would work include: • Closing the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture and incorporating its duties into the Department of Basic Education. • Closing the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure and requiring departments to manage their own buildings and assets. • Merging the Department of Tourism with the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition. V.4980

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11. Sep. 2023 The Conversation

For the marginalised, biased AI algorithms can damage almost every part of life

AI data is polluted by a set of myths from the age of “enlightenment”, including biases that lead to discrimination based on gender and sexual identity. • Bad data does not only produce bad outcomes. It can also help to suppress sections of society, for instance vulnerable women and minorities. • Algorithms generally need to be exposed to data often taken from the internet in order to improve at whatever they do, such as screening job applications, or underwriting mortgages. • But the training data often contains many of the biases that exist in the real world. Bad data does not only produce bad outcomes. It can also help to suppress sections of society, for instance vulnerable women and minorities. V.4977

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11. Sep. 2023 Businesstech

Difficult trade-offs coming to keep South Africa afloat: report

The National Treasury has reported told president Cyril Ramaphosa that South Africa will have to hike value-added tax (VAT) by 1% or 2% if it wants to keep the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant going. According to the Sunday Times, this message was among many delivered at a top-level meeting called by the president this week, following the release of a Treasury memo to various departments warning of budget cuts. South Africa has effectively hit its budget limit, with revenues not meeting the February budget expectations, while government spending has continued to balloon far beyond what was planned. To avoid financial collapse, sacrifices now have to be made. V.4978

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27. Sep. 2023 SA Migration

How to get documents from Home Affairs in South Africa

Getting documents from Home Affairs in South Africa can be very time consuming. Let make the process easier for you. The Department of Home Affairs is proposing major changes to ID cards in the country. In South Africa, the Department of Home Affairs is responsible for issuing civic certificates and documents, including marriage, death, and birth certificates. They also issue Letters of No Impediment and divorce decrees to South African citizens, but what is the best and fastest way to obtain these documents from Home Affairs? V.4998

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