Business Visa/Permit

 Business Permits  are issued to foreigners who are looking to conduct their own business.

South African business visas are granted for a period of twenty-four months, which can be extended indefinitely providing that the SA visa requirements below continue to be met.

In addition, like South African work permits, business permit holders may ultimately apply for a permanent residence permit. see link

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Medical Visa / Permit

hospital room

South Africa holds the best doctors and hospitals in the world

A South African medical permit is a specific temporary residence permit designed to allow foreign nationals to immigrate to South Africa on a temporary basis for the express purpose of undergoing medical treatment in the country,see web pages for more info .

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Visitors visa/permits

The mother city and its natural wonders

The visitor visa is a type of non-immigrant visa for persons desiring to enter the Republic of South Africa temporarily for business  or for pleasure, tourism or medical treatment . International travelers with visitor visas comprise a large portion of temporary visitor travel to the Republic of South Africa every year. For how-to-apply information, documentation requirements and more, see these webpages: