Relatives permit / visa for immigration to South Africa

Relatives permit visa for immigration to South Africa
Considering immigration to South Africa and have relatives already here? Below we discuss the relatives permit / visa option, how to apply and who qualifies.
Who can apply for a relatives permit?
In order to successfully apply for a relatives permits / visa you will need to be a first kin.
First kin relatives may apply for both temporary residence and permanent residence, known as a relatives visa and relatives permit, whereas second kin may only apply for temporary residence, the relatives visa.
What are first kin and second kin relatives?
• First kin relatives are those of a parent, child or husband/wife relationship.
• Second kin relatives are brothers and sisters.- Temporary Residence only
Can you work on a relatives permit / visa?
This will depend on whether you apply and receive the relatives visa (temporary residence) or the relatives permit (permanent residence)
The relatives visa
A temporary relatives visa does not allow for the holder to work or run a business. It simply allows the holder to be able to immigrate to South Africa for a set period of time, normally 2 years, and not undertake any other activities. In essence almost akin to a long term tourist visa.
If you would like more information on working or running a business in South Africa as an immigrant you can use the below links:
The relatives permit
Those successful applicants for a relatives permit, are afforded nearly all the rights of a South African citizen as they are awarded permanent residence. Permanent residence allows you total freedom to work, study or own and work in businesses as you please.
Can a temporary relatives visa be renewed?
Yes they can, but in practice renewing a temporary relatives visa is the same as applying for a new one and the applicant must meet all the current criteria for the visa application to be successful.
How long does permanent residency relatives permit take?
The Department of Home Affairs publishes time scales but in reality these are often not adhered to. Experience in submitting many relatives permit applications has shown us that you can wait for up to 2 years before they are issued.
As many people do not plan their immigration 2 years in advance, it is often the case that we have to apply for both temporary and permanent residency under the relatives category to fit in with peoples immigration timetables.
Must I be sponsored by my South African relative?
There is a requirement for a financial assurance in the amount of R8500 per month, per person. This financial assurance must be from the sponsor (South African relative).
What is needed for a relatives permit application?
The applicant will be required to furnish amongst other the following documents .
The passport which is required to have at least one blank page for the insertion of the permit / visa;
• A passport
• Proof of the relatives relationship, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates etc;
• Documentation that proves the availability of financial support per month per person for financial assurance (a waiver can be applied for spouses or dependent minor children of a South African citizen/permanent resident to waive the minimum financial requirements).
Do you submit from overseas or in South Africa?
The spouses, life partners and children (minor or major) of South African citizens and permanent residents can submit their relative visa applications in South Africa from a visitors visa, following the issuance of Directive 7 of 2019 implemented in July 2019.
Unfortunately, this does not extend to parents of South Africans. Parents and other eligible relatives must submit their visa applications at an embassy or consulate abroad.

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