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Established in 1987 we have been heavily involved with the importation of all livestock and family pets for client's immigration to and from South Africa to all parts of the world.

We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of service and reliability in assisting individuals and business's with national and international clients in respect to the relocation matters (both overseas as well as South Africa) for all animals.

With regulations varying from country to country, the necessary procedures and documentation are time consuming and often confusing. We are able to compile all necessary paperwork, organize import export Visas, clear Customs and arrange State Veterinary clearance for the smooth movement of your beloved pet. We would like to assure you that all animals are handled personally by ourselves and we are fully experienced in all aspects regarding complicated regulations and procedures. The health, welfare and safety of your pets is of paramount importance to us. Our service is provided with Love and Care.

Our company is well known to all the consulates & embassies, immigration companies, world wide migration networks, all tourism offices, airlines, international realtors and property groups, travel agencies, removal companies, quarantines, veterinary authorities, international recruitment centres and the larger companies and corporates who relocate their personnel worldwide and feel sure that we will be able to assist you with the safe relocation of your pet.

We deal with South Africa, United Kingdom and Europe, U.S.A. & Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East & Far East & South America.

For free professional advice, contact Doug or Vikki who will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.

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02. Apr. 2020 SAMI

This caters for applicants (in South Africa) that were born in the United Kingdom. This page also serves to clarify the benefits of being born in the UK versus having a parent (or grandparent) that was born in the UK.

The are quite a few complications in these cases that we are looking to clarify. The first relates to eligibility of British nationality. The second relates to the type of British nationality. Finally, we close off by revealing some solutions we have up our sleeves. V.5082

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Thank you so much for all your help, your help has really been more than invaluable to us!"

Jennifer and Jimmy Wahlberg - Sweden
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