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The Kings Transport Group was founded in 1932 by Bernard King. Kings is a services orientated group specialising in transport distribution and logistics. The group consists of four companies which include Kings international removals, Kings office relocations, the Document Warehouse and Kings road freight.

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International Movers

At Kings International Movers we know that it is a major undertaking to relocate your family to another country, so we aim to make the entire process as trouble free and convenient as possible. As we specialise in international removals only, we will provide you with excellent, quality service of the highest standard - guaranteed by our affiliations with international moving organisations.

Not only can we move your possessions to any worldwide destination through this network of affiliates, but we will also handle every other aspect of your international move - depending on your specific needs, of course.

If you just need advice or have some questions to ask, we will be glad to provide you with friendly, personal assistance. This emphasis on personal service reflects the nature of our company. As a subsidiary of the Kings Transport Group we are part of a family-owned business that, during the past seventy years, has become one of South Africa's leading removal firms. The Group is still run by the King family but a recent system has also given people in senior management positions ownership in the business.

One such person is Kings International Managing Director, Rolf Lamers, who will personally assist you should you ever experience any problems with our service. In the very unlikely event that his assistance should not meet your expectations, you can also approach the South African International Movers Association (SAIMA) - the organisation that regulates the services of companies that, like us, are members.

SAIMA also encourages the constant improvement of affiliated organisations, which is an attitude we have embraced by committing ourselves to an ongoing program of development and training throughout our company.

Our office staff, for example, possess extensive international experience having worked in their field in Europe for many years. Fluent in English, Afrikaans and German they can be contacted at our head office in Cape Town or at our regional branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth for a free, no obligation pre-move survey.

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