UK Study Visa

UK Study Visa

  • UK student visa Tier 4
1. Overview

You can apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the UK if you’re 16 or over and you:

How long it will take

You can apply for a visa up to 3 months before the start of your course.

You should get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks.

  • an unconditional offer of a place on a course with a qualified education provider
  • enough money to support yourself and pay for your course - this will vary depending on your circumstances

You can do a course that’s one of the following:

  • full-time leading to a qualification that’s at least level 6 on the revised National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
  • an overseas course of degree level study that’s equal to a UK higher education course and is being run by an overseas higher education institution
  • a full-time course with at least 15 hours per week of organised daytime study leading to a qualification below degree level but at least NQF level 3
  • a recognised foundation programme as a postgraduate doctor or dentist

You can apply for this visa if you’re sponsored to do a recognised foundation programme and you’ve:

  • finished a recognised UK degree in medicine or dentistry
  • received that degree from a registered Tier 4 sponsor
  • spent your final year and at least 1 other year of studies leading to that degree in the UK

Your education provider will send you a reference number called a confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) once they’ve offered you a place on a course. You’ll need to enter this on your visa application.

The UK Student visa system is a points based system comprising of a total of 40 points: 30 points for the CAS and 10 points for correct maintenance. As below….

You must apply for your visa no more than 6 months after you receive the CAS.

You can only get a CAS for a new course if you’ve studied in the UK before and you’re:

  • studying for a new qualification at a higher academic level
  • studying for a new qualification that’s at the same level of study but relates to and adds to your previous qualification
  • re-sitting exams or repeating modules
  • applying for the first time to a new institution to complete a course you started somewhere else
SA Migration Services will professionally help you to get the necessary study Visas to study in United Kingdom.

Fill out the enquiry form on the right to give us more information on your current status. Once we have all your information, we can deduce whether or not you will qualify for a study Visa.

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